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Can You Make Money Online Through Blogging?

Can You Make Money Online Through Blogging?

Can You Make Money Online Through Blogging. Blogging usually involves entries that can be comments, videos, audios, events or just plain commentaries. Most blogs are interactive thus allowing other people to leave comments on one’s entities. To make the most of blogs some people have opted to use their blogs as marketing tools that have earned them some cash. There are quite a few methods on how to make money blogging in the world today. All these methods are determined by an individual.

The first how to make money blogging

The first method on how to make money online through blogging is known as the big blog. This is the best choice for one to make great amounts of cash. But one will have to sacrifice their time for it is time-consuming. It is a method that involves one making a few blogs popular over networks and thus increasing the number of visitors to a blog. So it requires large traffic, to get this one needs to concentrate on popular areas of blogging. This method of blogging requires one to have great skills in marketing.

The Second Method of how to make money blogging

The other popular method on how to make money blogging is the pay per post method. This involves one submitting their blogs to get paid, however, one’s blogs must have built up on Google page rank. Submission of blogs is done to blog websites that allow writing of sponsored posts. It does not consume lots of time as compared to the big blog route and it does not need lots of traffic to one’s blog on a daily basis.

The third method of blogging

The third method of blogging is the splog blog route, in this blogs very little work is needed in maintenance that can be done every now and then. The only requirement is that one has some knowledge of search engine oriented language. The blogs are set up such that they automatically draw contents from RSS feeds, search engines and sources of news.

The text link selling blog is the other method that one can utilize on how to make money blogging. In this method, one sells text links to webmasters and businesses keen on improving their traffic and site rankings. In this method, one can easily work on selling text and contextual text links. However, one’s earnings will depend on one’s Google ranking and one’s blog niche. To make this method work for one can choose to write on blogs about mortgages and credit cards and related topics.

Another choice would be the blog network, which involves joining a blog network and getting paid when one creates blogs and maintains them. One earns depending on the number of page views one gets depending on the terms of the network. With this method of how to make money blogging one can easily maintain a regular income since payment involves a base fee. If one is contracted then it may lead to freelance blogging and writing of assignments because of one’s ability. This is encouraged for people who do not have the ability to create their own websites, otherwise if one is good one should start their own website and keep all the profits.

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